Visions Entries

Architectural photography of retail spaces is more than creating images. Visions is intended to showcase my procedures, thoughts as well as current and archived work. Please feel free to return again as this is frequently updated. You can receive the email version by signing up here.

Photography of Panda Express by Mark A Steele Photography Inc
June 6, 2023

New Work on Website

As we move into summer I thought it would be nice to showcase a few recent projects that provided some remarkable exteriors. Both were photographed in Texas and both were projects of my client ...
Photography for Ease Logistics by Mark Steele Photography
January 12, 2023

Ease Logistics

Having recently been asked to supplement an onsite video shoot as a still photographer, I was able to work a bit away from my comfort zone.  Parameters on shoots such as this don’t allow for ...
Freaky Fast
March 15, 2022

Freaky Fast

Long before COVID changed the rules, chain restaurants were exploring drive-thru only restaurants. The advent of food delivery and online ordering pushed eateries to consider making it all ...
Sheetz by Mark A Steele Photography Inc
February 15, 2022

Same Sheetz Different Decade

For my Midwestern and specifically Ohio clients, The Sheetz expansion has been fast and furious.  Rewind back to 2004, Chute Gerdeman designed the new Sheetz prototype in Altoona, PA. The ...
Photography of INSA Cannabis, Springfield, MA by Mark A Steele Photography Inc
August 17, 2021


A relative newcomer to retailing, the cannabis industry is worth more than $64 billion in the United States, making it the hot up and coming retailer.  INSA, a Massachusetts based retailer ...
OSU Marketing and Public Relations Office Wins National Advertising Awards
April 16, 2021

OSU Marketing and Public Relations Office Wins National Advertising Awards

As a photographer, it's always nice to see clients win awards. Knowing that my work brings recognition to companies I work with is putting icing on the cake!  Congratulations to my clients at ...
Photography of Nomad by Mark Steele Photography Inc
October 27, 2020

Photographing the Light

Considering the overall lighting of a space is critical when photographing its atmosphere.  Not enough fill and shadows lack details, woodgrains become muddy and bright colors drab.   ...
September 25, 2020


In the post Covid world of restaurants, Inspire Brands has launched the new Sonic Delight prototype in Tahlequah, OK.  Designed by Change Up Inc, the new site features touch-less ordering, ...
Artwork Website
July 7, 2020

Artwork Website

Most people know me as a retail interior photographer, although in a past life I did quite a bit of studio work, graphic design photography, people as well as art.  Staying busy with the ...