In the post Covid world of restaurants, Inspire Brands has launched the new Sonic Delight prototype in Tahlequah, OK.  Designed by Change Up Inc, the new site features touch-less ordering, multi-car drive thru, updated identity, colors and graphics, layout, and a new kitchen prep area among other things.  It also features a homage to its signature beverage, the Cherry Limeade, with a brightly lit cherry.

Exteriors can sometimes be challenging, especially an open restaurant that is mainly a drive thru.  As you can imagine, there is very limited time at dusk to photograph just the right angles with the appropriate vehicles in the drive thru-all while the site is open. I will usually do a walk through beforehand marking the appropriate angles, camera heights, prioritizing images etc in order to save time while shooting.  Also, the necessary site cleanup needs to be done as well.

Feel free to view more of the images here.