VisionEntriesArchitectural photography of retail spaces is more than creating images. This section is intended to showcase my procedures, thoughts as well as current and archived work. Please feel free to return again as this is frequently updated.

Throwback Thursday-MMMMM

This throwback is M&M's World NYC designed by Chute Gerdeman.  This colorful and fun site had a busy time in the awards scene when it opened.  It won a record six awards, including the International Store of the Year Award at the ISP/VMSD International Store Design Awards!

The challenge with this site was timing!  A looming award deadline had the crew working 14 straight hours at a fast pace to get the images we needed.  I then had to send files straight from the site to the client in order for them to prepare the files for the deadline.  I remember using a local NY assistant for the shoot who left me with the comment "That has got to be the most efficient use of time I've ever seen!"  

Needless to say, it was well worth the effort!

Summer Vacation 2014

I recently spent a week in a house on beautiful Norris Lake TN. The house was remote, with no connection to the internet, a wonderful way to get away and spend time with family and friends. I had a great time hiking near the house where I stayed and as the river was low this year, I had the opportunity to see rockscapes I had missed in the past. The lake rock made for some intriging patterns as you can see from the samples.

I tend to gear more toward black and white imagery for my personal work. Textures seem more vivid and beautiful and the lack of color allows the viewer to isolate subjects. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday-Welcome to Digital

Facebook has Throwback Thursday and I thought I'd join in. This first throwback is my first digital photo shoot for Abercrobmie and Fitch.  This was for their Reuhl 925 concept photographed at Easton Town Center in Columbus OH.  This was the first full digital photo shoot I had done and there was a big learning curve.  It's amazing how far software as well as camera's and lenses have come in just a few short years.  

I really liked this concept and even though it didn't work for Abercrombie and Fitch, I feel design-wise it was successful.  

The Man in Black

Since I was young I have loved Johnny Cash's  music.  My father would listen to his music at home or in the car on trips and to this day, his music reminds me of my father.

Recently, Juno Lighting asked me to photograph the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, and I was honored.  Having spent many hours listening to this man's music, I felt pride in being chosen to photograph a site dedicated to his life.  

When photographing for clients other than design firms, in this case a lighting company, I need to take into consideration their desire to feature their products within the environment.  Here, obviously, I need to make sure that the lights are prominate, but in a subtle way.  Johnny still needs to take the stage!

Select Comfort Number Store

These images are photographed for Select Comfort.  Theses are samples from a photo shoot I had done for them very recently.

The mall exterior image was challenging as we only had a brief time to photograph it.  Unfortunately, the mall never received word that photography was taking place and that exterior mall lighting would be turned off at a normal time.  Usually, that's within 15-30 minutes after closing.  Needless to say, once security informed us of this, there was no time to waste.  A quick hussle allowed us to take exteriors from several views before the lighting was diminished.